About Us

We’re all about inclusion. Our programs foster dignity, wellness and hope.

If you are looking for support, please come and visit us. If you’d like to help out in our programs please drop by or contact us at 613-235-4351 ext: 225

If you are looking for some social activity, or simply need a quiet place to be, we’d love to see you too.

Everyone is included, everyone is valued and everyone is supported.

454 King Edward Ave

Centre 454 is a day program serving people who are precariously housed or homeless in the Ottawa area. 

154 Somerset St West

The Well delivers programs that support women, children,  and gender-diverse people in meeting their basic needs, making their life choices, and participating in their community.

211 Bronson Ave

St Luke's Table provides a supportive environment where visitors can maintain and improve their personal and mental health.

Our Story

Belong Ottawa helps people who are precariously housed or homeless. Our programs offer a safe space so that everyone has a place where they feel they belong and where they are not alone.

Our three programs offer meals, laundry, showers or other support systems.

The Pandemic Story

When the pandemic descended on us, we were suddenly required to find a way to support our community at a time when it needed it the most. Public health measures meant we could no longer gather. Our neighbours had no access to laundry facilities, showers or a safe place to enjoy a coffee or a warm meal.

Thankfully, staff from St Luke’s Table, the Well and Centre 454 quickly adapted. Working together, staff and volunteers made meals to deliver to residents who were now isolated. As lockdown regulations eased, we were thankfully able to open our doors once again to at least allow individuals access to washrooms, showers, and laundry. Unfortunately, we were still unable to gather, and this underlined one of the most difficult aspects of the pandemic.

Regardless, we found ways to stay in touch with each other. We secured 100 pre-paid cell phones to distribute throughout our community. As public health measures eased further, the question was asked: Why not continue to work together as one rather than as 3 separate day programs?

We had learned many lessons and we adapted to working closely together to stay connected and serve our community, and so Belong Ottawa was born.

Belong Ottawa still recognizes and supports staff, volunteers and participants in each of the 3-day programs. However, administration is carried out more effectively and efficiently under the one umbrella of Belong Ottawa.

Together we are stronger!


We provide safe spaces that connect people and create community.

We offer programs that address basic needs and foster dignity, wellness and hope for all.


An inclusive community where no one is marginalized and everyone is valued and supported.

People Helped Daily

Meals Served Annually